Net neutrality vote – The impact on cryptocurrencies

Today the FCC is going to vote on the proposal to end net neutrality in the USA. This means that internet power will not longer be equally distributed and big companies can pay for more internet power as well as tell the ISP companies what they want and don’t want on their website. This also opens door for some regulations on the US internet, which was free and fair… But maybe not for long anymore.
Cryptocurrencies such as Substratum can save net neutrality and will benefit from this vote to be approved.



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  1. Jonathan groberg
    Jonathan groberg says:

    You say a fair share of internet power, which is not the same as an equal share, which is what the net neutrality bill did. Also, you speak as if it the internet is some magical web that everyone has a right too. The reality is that companies actually have the ability to choose what they decide to allow over their system.

  2. Stacy Dale Barendse
    Stacy Dale Barendse says:

    This is why NEXUS is going to bigger than Bitcoin with its own satellite network and free uncensored internet for everyone. Sorry US Govt…no law in space due to international treaty. NEXUS is the ONLY real decentralized coin. NEXUS IS THE ONLY ANSWER!!!

  3. T Money
    T Money says:

    I like Substratum's concept, but I think that Skycoin is a better solution. It's not on Ethereums network, written from scratch, extremely fast, and is backed by developers who left Bitcoin around 6 years ago. Worth checking out.

  4. mele host
    mele host says:

    The loss of net-neutrality is bad for all crypto currencies as it relegates them to criminal activity that got them off the ground, not general retail and customer usage. If the world's internet starts blocking peer 2 peer, then it's the end for Bitcoin even if you can reconcile the blockchain over longer timelines.

  5. M Mansfield
    M Mansfield says:

    There is a new ICO, iungo (mesh coin). Just came back from Europe and could have used something like this for phone/internet. In addition, there is a huge international need for low cost internet that this would address. Anybody have any thoughts?

  6. #BananasHaveBecomeMetaphoric.
    #BananasHaveBecomeMetaphoric. says:

    Bitcoin has showed us that we have the ability to create an independent Internet using the algorithm that bitcoin uses to create the largest mesh network the world has yet to see. This will happen for the people by the people. No more tire tracks across our backs. When the government becomes overreaching it is our duty to slap it back. Our government has become the tail wagging the dog. Using the FCC to distract you from all of the criminal activity in the swamp of government.

  7. Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh says:

    lol, you are totally confused on 'net neutrality' …. 'net neutrality' only became a thing in February 2015! was there a problem with the internet in 2014?? … watch this video to understand it more…

  8. LetArtsLive
    LetArtsLive says:

    I live in the United States near Buffalo New York this is such b*******. Figures I bet it has something to do with Trump. This is supposed to be a democracy but we never got to vote on it did we? If I were rich which I'm not I'd move to Canada or somewhere else

  9. Frank Zhou
    Frank Zhou says:

    Market reality will constrain the companies' price raising capability. Just think of the time NetFlix tried to raise rates and had to back off because the customers were ready to set them on fire!

  10. Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones says:

    Kicking and screaming unheard, big brother government tries wrenching the Internet torn from the population, taken out of the people's hands. Sold-out US government is standing before big money grubbing common carriers for energetically backing worst deal of all time. Of invaluable worth to the whole world, our Net is at dire risk, being presented to greedy business interests for a paltry 0.000tiny percent of its market value -if we that easy give up. However,, , that is a least of it. All we have is this WildWoolyWonderfulWorldWideWeb technology. Exclusive found online content is convenient, serious research aid. Once the Net as we have known was gone, it is just lost forever. Petitioning government would not get it back. Overwhelming majority on knees appealing, praying, calling on deaf ears, for registering wishes to keep neutrality, is not working. Unofficially never opened, then officially closed, FCC NPRM has not, nor have all our attempted government contacts made any difference. Trump card stacked deck, regulatory commission game bet sure thing win for telecoms. Effort of responding to NPRM was meant to divert attention, while public opinion was just ignored, disrespected and totally disregarded, suppressed. Meanwhile capitalist money enabled, corporate owned and operated, mass broadcast and print media outlets, commercial anuses, brainwashed the weakest minded still tuned in to privatized channels insinuating warnings, trumpet blared elsewhere, that harboring notions prohibited by the benevolent violent state will get you eternal damned nation in karzrashun[sp?]. Unappeased we were, confused at worst and distracted by diabolic, legal contorted process; yet not this time yielding, insufficiently fooled by self-appointed empty shirts hoping to pull another fast one over on us concerning the most important overarching issue of all time maybe. Micromanaged mainstream media personalities delivered their usual bum steers, messages fed through telecom shills clamoring, stammering and stuttering on air. Their rote answers failed miserably, as incoherent, tangled spiels falling flat; unable to fend off even softball questions. Tight lipped top government pay grade level Ajit Pai, often minimally prompted, appeared to suit huge, profits-driven print media and broadcast companies. Though some were misled down the primrose path toward misinformation, most are not persauded. No doubt Pravda also looses readers. Tehran TV viewers spend time much better online, gaining smarts, learning answers to issues of their own choice burning and pressing. Our Internet is the peoples' medium, not to be put under capitalist ownership control for another denied looming world economic disaster to sneak up, economic collapse debacle after previous calamity finally driving financial capitalist markets to ruin, a last one let accelerate us headlong toward continuing our mad dash plumb to mushroom cloud world doom. Last century, clout wielding pilot's associations vector guided us around worst FAA proposals; centerline landing on rules good for all, certainly not been diverted to deregulation. This FCC flies a nuclear bomb, below radar. Prearranged FCC vote is predetermined, contrived to let deregulated ISPs be national racketeers fixing prices. We have seen plenty sold out from under the masses for benefiting the 1%. Dirty excess political access this time steals our Internet, game thrown, rigged under federal House and Senate rules allowing ace in the hole cheating. Corporate Henchmen bided time just waiting to scrap Title II Net neutrality, regardless, all along. Private industrial tail wags the world. Do proactively oppose encroachment of creeping kleptocracy, oligarchy cum plutocracy, able and willing to be kettled, crowd controlled, held at bay, corralled, ultimately threatened with worse than Kent State University and and Jackson State College massacres, as many citizens as necessary killed by National Guard troopers called Minutemen, supposedly reminiscent of 18th century Revolutionary ragtags hiding behind trees for facing down mindless, disciplined rows of Redcoat muskets. After standing up to obscenely weaponized, government /corporate mercenary forces, at risk of tear gas, water canon, and arrest, survivors will face worse. Real jail time with pockets and bank accounts robbed, perhaps past negative empty, in two ways awards personal funds to the state /prison industrial complex, as erstaz justice worst mistreats those brave souls having taken it to the streets. Domestic terror on a massive scale renders several levels of misapplied jurisprudence, undue punishment as unjust reward. Sly, deceptive, conniving slave-wage-worker addicted capitalist system overlords plot consciously and deliberately to continue shoving humanity into total subjugation. Videoing anathema, unsympathetic to badges, especially subalterns at protests get beaten bloody, cellphones confiscated. If we let our Internet go, the human race is likelier finished. More commoners can be held in contempt, until voiceless, kept outside political discourse, some may finally be classed below migrant workers and house servants, considered utterly disposable status, liable for death sentence according to explosive, volatile tempers of cops granted summary judgement power to instantly execute who is on spot deemed sub-human. Severest unfortunates are outcasts. Generations of dystopian society relegate them to lowest rung. Even abject slaves look down on refugees whose forebears' got their property dispossessed and other rights worst stolen, for in perpetuity made subclass denizens born to be untouchables discriminated against, deprived, universally despised wondering hordes with no homeland. US police departments issue not-toy weapons to sneakily secretly trained, trigger happy cops, instructing them to dominate using ever more overt, deadlier tactics; unconscionably goaded and egged on, allowed or even told to set up people for video game style real killings. Killer cops are promised furnished fake, cover-up investigations enabling sham prosecution, with any legal requirement left over from former people's justice days shot down by resorting to that old worn out defense proven successful, perhaps forevermore. Although straining any normally sane credulity, it works satisfactory for purposes powers that be, in their kangaroo courts. A simple, legal claim that the deceased villain caused valiant hero cops to fear for their own safety increasingly surely returns not-guilty verdicts built upon precedent cases unchallenged prior. If still required, trial becomes merest formality, just a shuffled paperwork trail of how wheels of blind justice greased spun, ostensibly presumed to be agreed on by all to significantly aid civilized peacekeeping. Cops kill and go back out to repeatedly do the same again, in a hegemonic society, thought-controlled by mainstream media, convinced that anarchy nipped in the bud depends on random drivers with a burned out tail light be stopped and, when not suitably reverently respectfully complying with the particular officer's wishes as serving a fine ticket, shot dead. Motto on sides of city cruisers reads: No Compunction Against Stooping Below And Beneath The Call Of Duty. The peoples' interests are not risked being left unguarded, but defended and protected, at all costs, with help of that ridiculously thinnest of alibis: “I was afraid" –which never seems to wear thin with aloof benches, high above supreme natural law elevated themselves raised. The people are lulled to sleep, literally senseless, preconditioned with public service doctored propaganda pronouncements delivered over commercial sponsored media. Deprived of any lessons about good governance taught in state schooling classes, kids are reminded to just forget whatever democratically seditious precepts might get whispered in hallways. We are molded into celebrity worshipers averse to others of our kind, paying no attention to either of twin, uncomfortable to think of, inconvenient, crucial truths: two Swords of Damacles hang over the planet. Presently in 2017, except via the Internet, exposure to critical thinking is scarce. Constantly bombarded by lies, this Net is our last blessed bastion of fresh, independent real news instantly available from sources of personal integrity, professional journalists of sincere character. Roving mics, after their regular job, if lucky enough to have one, or just a day's gig, can question for soliciting personal answers from average dumbfucks, out and about unwinding, after their own daily toil –with their cams showing clearly how off base some can be. We need to know that too. Now, 75% x 99% = most of a collective national conscience is clear, heads clouded. Under all different sorts of brilliantly amateurish YouTube uploads are unexpected comments. Any may contribute views for exchanges between individuals sharing questions and linking to similar other online answers; or take exception as well. Widest ever community disagreement is up for chaotic discussion. Horizons are broadened, minds boggled. People awaken, curiosity peaked. Rulers in positions of wicked authority fear us swapping original thought and creative ideas which might lead to too many getting it, more apt to realize how we can come together against them in numbers, if our Internet stayed free and out from under their control.

  11. Yeet kribby
    Yeet kribby says:

    Im so sad ;(( bittrex stole my money, they arent letting me withdrawing because i need to upload id, however, i entered wrong information. Even tho its only $300 which is probably nothing for you guys, im so depressed because i was excited to join the cryptocurrency community 🙁 what can i do, they never respond to tickets, twitter, emails, nothing ;(


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