Daily: Bitcoin Apocalypse Cancelled / China Trading Crypto-Fiat Again?

Segwit2x has been called off, leaving the altcoins to rally like there is no tomorrow.

0:56 Market Analysis
1:01 Segwit2x canceled / Alt coins rally
5:37 BitPico wants to continue Segwit2x
8:43 China Trading rumors intensifies

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38 replies
  1. Santhiya Pei
    Santhiya Pei says:

    I also noticed that almost on the exact same day the news came out that Chinese crypto exchanges were operating again,all the dodgy "massage" places that had been shuttered during the Communist Party Meeting were all open again (they'd been padlocked and covered in police tape that said "shut down" for the past few months). coincidence???. I don't think so!! Crypto is back in China!! …and hookers, too!! haha…

  2. Issac Rivera
    Issac Rivera says:

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  3. Bro ski
    Bro ski says:

    Upsetting thing os that the people who not developing ….are left in dark and know everything only after the fact. Just like in banking, some people still have a pssibility of using information just because they are placed "closer". That is not fair.

  4. Karl Hensel
    Karl Hensel says:

    Thank you Michael. As far as the market volatility It appears, at least to me, that perhaps some traders are unsophisticated like myself. I have been attempting to self educate myself on the many different trading strategies. Would you consider doing a video or live stream with a professional on how to trade? Long term, buying the dip, margin trading etc…The advantages and disadvantages. learning new technologies and trading strategies is just overwhelming, for me anyways. Thank You. I have tried buying the dips etc. and in my case done far better buying and holding. This is just me of course as there are many who apparently do very well buying dips and margin trading but many of those I have observed are seasoned traders. Thanks Again

  5. Tyronie balonie
    Tyronie balonie says:

    Whilst I sold practically at the top on Tone Vays call on Monday, I actually got $7600USD. I live in Australia where it got as high as $8000USD so we had multiple days to get out at $7500USD+ which was good but I am actually really annoyed. I now have a Ledger Nano sitting there doing nothing now and a strong desire to have my btc back. The only reason I sold is because of uncertainty with the fork and large companies like Coinbase saying they would rename BTC under certain circumstances. I wish there was some regulation or a way we could sue these assholes for all the time and money wasted by multiple companies trying to prepare for it and all the people that sold because of it which could be seen as price manipulation. The whole thing is CRIMINAL in my opinion and I hope everyone behind Segwit 2x gets whats coming to them. I don't care that they called it off, it's almost worse that they wasted everyone's time and effort for nothing! I don't care that I made a bit of money, if I knew it would be cancelled I wouldn't of sold it cause i bought at $2700 and I'll be lucky if it ever gets that low again. The whole thing pisses me off and if anyone else feels the same than I can't see this being good for the community, If anyone can screw the community over and waste as much time/money as these idiots, than who wants to be apart of that? The NYA is everything that Satoshi stood against; corporate companies, centralized control and corrupt organisations controlling your money! This shines a very Negative light on Bitcoin in my opinion and if anything it shows that we need protection now on Bitcoin Core from any possible future forks without replay protection or should i say future attacks not forks? Failed attack is probably the most accurate. Either way, I need confidence that I will not lose my Bitcoin by a Fork without replay protection and I think many other people feel the same now.

    Even though I have made good money in Crypto, I'm starting to lose the love for it. Why can't these scammers just make a new coin instead of ruining our digital gold? Oh wait, Jeff G already is so he would of been a great developer of the 'new btc' with he's attention on an ico lol. The way bitcoin currently works is fine by me, who's dumb enough to want to spend it on everyday transactions when in the last 7 years it has averaged more than half a percent gain per day, that's about 180% per year. Im damn sure if you had the chance to get that interest in a bank account you wouldnt link it to your atm card for everyday transactions, you would use that as a savings account yeah? I'm sure you wouldn't mind higher fees either considering the fees are nothing compared to ur gains and considering its a savings account, you don't transact much anyway, yeah? Therefore Bitcoin does not need a lot of scaling if you use it correctly. Segwit is already cheap and it cost me less than a dollar to consolidate my btc at the Bitcoin Gold fork so half of these high fee claims are from lazy people who havn't upgraded, not because lower fees are not possible. We could use litecoin or one of the hundreds of other cryptos out there that already have cheap transactions and use something like the tenx card and your everyday transactions are sorted. If the last 7 years has told us anything for sure, it is that holding Bitcoin and not spending it on everyday transactions is what has made people huge gains and was the best strategy by far. So why are people trying to change it? To be fair, I believe it's mainly companies like Coinbase who pushed for this fork and if you think about it, they do a lot of transaction volume and therefore would benefit the most from changing bitcoin to suit them.

  6. Mike Marks
    Mike Marks says:

    Michael you’re a video posting ninja – yesterday you seemed to be the first to break the 2x story and have posted several videos since– Great job. Can you shed light on the news post on BitConnect today about “Removal of Bitcoin Cash Wallet. (scheduled Nov 15)” I am new and could use help understanding this news. Thanks


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