Will ETHEREUM Keep Falling? Programmer explains.

Why is Ethereum dropping in price? Has anything significant happened? What is the future of Ethereum? Let’s discuss!

HACKS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQXZbPsZE64

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


49 replies
  1. Forever Holiday
    Forever Holiday says:

    The emperors' clothes have been revealed. Most people were into crypto's to get rich quick. Total shame, the movement and technology was one of humans greatest achievements. As we look into the abyss, I wonder what might have been.

  2. jckpc
    jckpc says:

    Just signed up for the course, you can't beat the price of $89 to learn how to create smart contracts in ETH, NEO, EOS. Even if I never program anything on my own, at least I will be able to use the knowledge to analyze ICOs better, be able to detect crap code versus good code. Can't wait for June 1st.

  3. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    I’m a woman! I’m here!!! I am boring other women to death with Blockchain technology talk! 🤣 they look at me with blank faces. I am slowly helping to change that!!!😆💪🥂

  4. Moe Sonichdu
    Moe Sonichdu says:

    Most of the comments in livestream are rlly stupid. They cant even write Ethereum correctly.
    Speculation is the engine to moon. But we dont need the moon, to get more interests than banks are promoting. So if there will be no 0, end of the game… Already perfect moment to accumulate some trustworthy coins.

  5. Henry Wolanski
    Henry Wolanski says:

    On the certificates what about partnering with LinkedIn for professional recognition, LinkedIn is moving towards this certification aspect for key skills areas. Maybe you should discuss this with someone there for the Cryptospace.

  6. dAb dKb
    dAb dKb says:

    Mr Pro progammer Ivan…It is better to learn C or C++ BECAUSE then you are forced to learn memory management…and since it IS LOWER LEVEL programming then you learn the FUNDAMENTALS…that's when it is truly easy to learn any other programming language…and actually being able to program with skill…

  7. Sales From the Crypto
    Sales From the Crypto says:

    ETH has been hit harder than bitcoin, here is why. ICOs have come to a halt. Most ICOs used ETH to make transactions thus moving hundreds of millions of dollars through the ETH system. As ICOs go so goes ETH. Another component is upcoming competition by other blockchains like NEO, AION, Wanchain that will have their ICO's run on them thus pumping up the demand for those coins and decreasing the demand for the ETH token. There you go 48 minutes and 50 seconds worth of analysis in 30 seconds… The more you know..

  8. A. X.
    A. X. says:

    'Guys' take a look at ETH price on 1 April 2017 — exactly 1 year ago: Don't know about you, but if someone, last year, told me that ETH would 5X in 12 months time, I would have 'sharded'. Diversify, YES. Keep on top of news (Due Diligence = "Do" Diligence : READ: know what you're investing in), YES. But panic & rash decisions, NO.

  9. Peter Dude
    Peter Dude says:

    You're such a noob Ivan.
    Etherium has no use case. It's just a bug fest of crappy code.
    BitCoin will do all smart contracts this year, so why do you need ETH crapWare?
    ETH is just a platform for scam ICO's

  10. Z
    Z says:

    ETH Asics announced. Potential mining centralisation until it either forks or goes POS which we dont have any real dates on.

  11. Crypto Trading Library
    Crypto Trading Library says:

    I think bigger players like governments and institution are taking these currencies to 0. They know they are a threat, so they are as shorting them to 0 with some sort of manipulation and crypto flaw they have found imo.

  12. J D
    J D says:

    Do you think eos is a good buy? I mean eos should be in the hundreds within the next couple years yeh? 100x to 600 or so end of 2019

  13. Sone Ster
    Sone Ster says:

    I promise anyone that you will lose money on eos. I have insider knowledge on Larimer. It's bunk with no progress. Check their github listen to Conf calls and compare to eth. Don't be a fool with your money chasing whitepaper porn

  14. GLucky
    GLucky says:


  15. Sone Ster
    Sone Ster says:

    Btw eth news. Request network is on main net. Kyber is butter as a dex. Ethlend is revolutionizing p2p secured lending! This is all happening while you guys jerk off to Dan Larimer eos romance novel aka white paper lmao


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