Trading Tip #8: How To Spot Wedges In Price Action

What do you all think about the wedges? Do you personally use them for your trading? Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!



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  1. Chris cameron
    Chris cameron says:

    HI man ive got a question i'm sure many would find useful – What platform do you use or suggest that can combine all twitter feeds and potentially other news sources into easy to view interface

  2. Justin Kraker
    Justin Kraker says:

    nicholas you're the man. thanks so much for these videos…i'm a beginner and i've been pounding through books and websites and these videos are by far the most helpful tutorials i've encountered. you give simple, straightforward information that will help me get into the game, and help me make solid decisions. thank you!

  3. bobby daniel
    bobby daniel says:

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  4. Luke Murray
    Luke Murray says:

    Nick.Thank you very much for all your work and calm delivered knowledge.I very much appreciate it .Do you have any mentoring groups I can follow you in?…Thanks Luke.. Ireland

  5. Mark Bell
    Mark Bell says:

    Nick, I'm using Binance. I put a market order in for ADA. I then put my stop limit in, and wanted to go onto adding my three sell orders to cash the profits. When I go to add the sell orders, I have no balance to sell, due to the stop limit. Is this a Binance limitation?

  6. Timothy Kirkby
    Timothy Kirkby says:

    @DataDash I do have one question… What do you look for when looking to new coins to get into? what are the signs or signals that you look for to determen if it's a good and "healthy" coin?

  7. Miguel da Fonseca
    Miguel da Fonseca says:

    Hi Nick. Here's a video topic suggestion: strategies for entry and exit points and/or how to calculate good stop losses that give price action enough room to breathe but are tight enough. I think you already explained your taking profits strategy (in the Fibonacci Retracement video). Thanks!


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