Daily: No SEC meeting afterall? / Bill Gates wants to short BTC

The crypto community was disappointed yesterday after no announcements / public hearing was made regarding if Ethereum is a security or not. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet play the same old game of claiming crypto is a scam. New York Stock Exchange rumors about trading crypto.

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29 replies
  1. S Bell
    S Bell says:

    Mike, cool , calm and collective. That's you my friend.

    Tinfoil hat is on:
    I wouldn't be surprised if these two events were over egged due to consensus week and NYSE crypto entry. Why plan such fud? Perhaps to suppress growth of crypto given next week could be an extreme fever pitch in growth. Funfamentntly any extreme growth or loss is bad.

    Please cover EOS and NEX

    Peace 🙂

  2. Alston Fernandez
    Alston Fernandez says:

    I wouldnt be surprised these guys are against bitcoin. all their billions are is stored in fiat currency. if people start using cryptocurrencies to transact you devalue their billions. also the bankers and billionaires have special rights that you regular hard working people dont have in the fiat currency system. they get bailouts when they gamble and loose. we regular people dont. they just pass on their mistakes to us tax payers. so keep hating on cryptocurrencies and help keep the rich richer and pay the tab when they gamble and loose

  3. Scott White
    Scott White says:

    I dont trust American politicians. I think If they can rig the market and crash it to buy cheap. I think with out a doubt they will try.Greed in America is atrocious

  4. Alan Land
    Alan Land says:

    The US$ is being robbed blind. Catherine Austin Fitts posits that $21 Trillion has "gone missing" in the last couple decades. Wall St is complicit in this theft, and they cannot manipulate cryptos as easily. The Wall St thieves are very concerned about the rise of cryptos, because they lose their exclusivity for scamming the people.

  5. Sobuka
    Sobuka says:

    It’s kinda strange how Microsoft accepts Bitcoin and how they are part of the Ethereum Alliance. And it’s also weird how NEO is working with their systems. Kinda strange..

  6. Deemantos
    Deemantos says:

    They do not hate crypto because they are old. Gates fully understands what crypto is. He has, and wants more, central control over everything and everybody. Crypto is decentralized. That is a threat to his empire. He and Buffet are also embedded in the traditional financial ecosystem which they feel is threatened by crypto.

  7. Zach H
    Zach H says:

    The billionairre boys club is so full of it…. but id love to know their angle. We all know how important crypto is as well as its potential. Its the next evolutionary stage of money. Im sure our grandparents were saying the same stuff all those years ago….. "credit cards?? Pfffft!!! Then our parents…. "paypal…wtf is that?" Crypto is the future bros n sis' IM STAYIN

  8. Chuck A
    Chuck A says:

    BOYCOTT anything Dimon, Gates or Buffet related!
    Gates stating "he would short the Hell out of BitCoin" is akin to relishing the idea of driving average Joe or Jane to financial ruin. Nice sentiment from the 2nd richest man in the world!
    If u love Actual Freedom of mind and MONEY it's time to exclude the Buffet/Munger, Dimon and Gates of the world from any access to your hard earned cash. BOYCOTT these MFers!

  9. Joe Bee
    Joe Bee says:

    Well said Michael, we as a new financial generation cannot afford to fall for the big banks and current billionaires FUD anymore, of course they try to protect their investments and their current empire, you would do the same. The problem is the current system is a Ponzi Scheme and does a lot of damage both financially and morally to this planet. Crypto can be some light in the tunnel, we must protect it and trust it just like we trusted their Fiat system for 100 years. Now it's our time! The future is bright.

  10. Roy Wessbecher
    Roy Wessbecher says:

    Did Buffett just call himself a rat? 🙂
    If "Bitcoin is rat poison squared" for stuff like Wells Fargo and Goldman and other things Buffett is into, what else can we conclude? Buffett is nothing if not legacy financial stuff… That billionaire crowd is manipulating the market (as usual).

  11. Austin Shotts
    Austin Shotts says:

    No bank sees this as a do or die moment. I wish we were there but were not yet. They're just trying to figure out how to navigate regulation or lack thereof. Once one monetizes crypto, the others will follow suit.


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