Bitcoin to $64k in August? Problematic No-Coiners, Tezos Launch, Crypto-Colonialism, Pineapple Fund

Good Morning Crypto! Today we’re discussing Bitcoin to $64k in March? Problematic No-Coiners, Crypto-Colonialism, Pineapple Fund






BTC 64k

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


32 replies
  1. fantomas8483
    fantomas8483 says:

    Hey dude, here is some criticism, your biggest fans might wanna cruzify me for (because fans hate criticism; even if it´s appropriate and constructive):
    1. Reading the news out loud is not that kind of information I´m looking for. I can do this myself. Some of your followers might agree.
    2. Taking a sip out of your coffee/tea every 30 seconds (even during a sentence!) and eating fruit during short sessions is highly annoying. You are obviously trying to make this “your (breakfast) thing” but it stops the flow and makes it harder to concentrate on the stuff you are actually saying. If you have seen one of your videos (where you are doing this) yourself and you are happy with it then everything is alright, of course.
    In that case I´ll just withdraw my criticism and unfollow you.

  2. M M
    M M says:

    crypto its only used for the big waves just to take some profit. Unfortunately this type of "currencies", payments, technology cannot reach the normal and common computer user, it is just user unfriendly. Just to make a paper wallet or any type of "secure" platform it is just imposible, too complicated for an overage computer user. Doesnt really appear to be a world changer, just imagine a 65 year user with no experience….pffff no chance !, even any member of your family…it is just for a selected people.

  3. The Daily Hustle
    The Daily Hustle says:

    Puerto Rico is a territory/outlying posession of Washington DC… it is a tax haeven by statutory law… but still subject to washington dc…

    it is not my first choice… so allow me to attempt raise everyone's consciousness when it comes to centralization vs decentralization as it relates to fiat crypto and the variety of citizens' tax homes and domiciles available to persons and alternatively available to people… it is important to learn that there are different multiple classes of people… each belong to different body politics ie. fall under civil law jurisdiction or common law jurisdiction… there is also the law of equity and admiralty / military law.

    US Citizens are subject to Washington DC… State Citizens are domiciled and have a tax home in their state republic… not washington dc…

  4. Givy55
    Givy55 says:

    The problems with the tezos foundation was caused by one guy who has now stepped down… The T2 foundation has put pressure on the tezos foundation to get their shit together and they have!! Everything is actually coming together and although tezos has had some issues on that end it's far and away better than the ethereum launch which had far more problems!!

  5. Sebastian H.
    Sebastian H. says:

    You are amazing! I smash de like button aoaik! Compared to other Youtubers, who does only mooning videos and gifting coins worth 1Dollar to get abos, you do not need that! Informational, funny, enthusiastic from your heart… you are King! (and Julian^^)

  6. Somebodyelse
    Somebodyelse says:

    Hi Ivan, love your shows. But – you shouldn't conflate the term "fair" with "equal" when it comes to BTC-distribution. Early BTC-holders got there fair and square in their capacity of interest, profession or curiosity. They also took a much larger risk imo. (The bet could still have the same EV; early invest with 100000x-potensial/risk, or later 100x more expensive bet with 1000x potensial/risk.)

  7. Romil Sharma
    Romil Sharma says:

    Love your videos Ivan. I was wondering if you could do a video about the Monero hardfork as there has been a lot of criticism regarding it, saying holders accepting the MoneroV coins might be compromising with their privacy. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  8. xcvsdxvsx
    xcvsdxvsx says:

    I love the idea of liking every comment just to show people that you read their comment. That's so smart. Marketing genius. I once heard about this quote by some apparently famous girl called "tila tequila" when asked why she was so famous she said "there are many pretty girls on social media but as far as I know only one who will respond to you". I don't know much about "tila tequila's" but that comment stuck with me.

  9. Marcelo Temer
    Marcelo Temer says:

    Don't public sector people seek to increase their wealth? But they do it through agression, while private sector do it through mutually beneficial free choice. It’s only an eco system if you think in terms of predators and preys, parasites and hosts. Tax is theft and “public sector” if a mafia.

  10. charles kacirek
    charles kacirek says:

    Big cryptos are moving to Puertorico and are rich already. Not going there to get rich of Puertorico. Hopefully they will get to build some awesome houses. Provide the jobs for locals. Socialists at work again. Wherever there is success there are haters. G.C.


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