Today we discuss the fact that YouTube is being dragged into the Bitconnect lawsuit and what it means for the video platform and what kind of ideological consequences that might have.



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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


30 replies
  1. Dave B
    Dave B says:

    Thats like suing comcast because you saw an infomercial that ripped you off and saying its their fault for not testing everything that they play on TV. Only youtube ha 65 years of video per day to look at. Ridiculous.

  2. Stephen Arias
    Stephen Arias says:

    Ivan on IBM, from the seminars/webinars they are offering cloud space for firms that implement a Blockchain solution, Walmart being one. Do you know if IBM is also building Blockchain? Also, smashed the likes?

  3. Mo Crypto
    Mo Crypto says:

    Youtube closes many channels all the time. It is not true that it is free and open. Demonetisation of Channels and Videos also happens all the time. The platform is not "open"

  4. Donald Dominko
    Donald Dominko says:

    If YouTube haven't already included into TOS a disclaimer that all videos are informational and should not be considered as an any sort of advice, than they should disclaim that – not legal advice, just my opinion 😉

  5. John Dickerson
    John Dickerson says:

    Re: "Half centralised and videos being on centralised servers": Content can be cut into small bits and encrypted. Whether this content is on a DHT or in a centralised storage system, it can be done in such a way that the host storing the data does not know what they are storing. The centralised system can connect to any DHT. The host can be paid crypto tokens per MB hosted. In a court of law the host can prove they do not know what data they are hosting. At the moment it seems like big centralised storage systems are not participating that much with DHTs – I do not see any reason why they cannot participate in the future. The big centralised systems can be taken down but the DHT will still operate (at slower bandwidth) with its inherent data redundancy built in (duplication of data).

  6. eddie c
    eddie c says:

    I feel like a lot of cyrpto people are a bunch of babies. Youtube had nothing to do with bitconnect. People need to take responsibility for their own choices. What a shame!

  7. Kabir Ali
    Kabir Ali says:

    "crypto never sleeps"! Haha that is awesome

    The world changes a lot faster these days, the medium of change is far more available than ever before. All you need to use Crypto is a smartphone and internet. The barrier to entry is so low. All that is left is peoples minds to change.

    Emails took so long because internet and computers took ages to be widely spread

  8. Tracy Grace
    Tracy Grace says:

    YouTube is not at fault. Why can't people just leave this Bitconnect thing alone? YouTube is a platform to voice free speech. First of all, no one has ever proved that Bitconnect was a ponzi scheme. People have just said that, and therefore they've assumed it's a scam. The U.S. is supposed to believe in innocent until PROVEN guilty. Second of all, how is YouTube supposed to be responsible for determining if something is a so called scam or not. There are plenty of people that call Bitcoin a ponzi scheme. I honestly believe that anytime people don't agree with something in the crypto space, they just scream "SCAM" to trash talk what they don't like.

  9. Kevin McKee
    Kevin McKee says:

    Yeah Ivan my friend. I am sold on the courses. Forget free. Are you accredited? LOL These guys have no clue at all. A close friend of mine is managing a subsystem development chain within the universally designed intranet version of a Blockchain for IBM. For real on credibility. Do you have strong presence on LinkedIn? For real if you are not. I would if I were promoting as you are quite possibly the first development core minimum education requirements to be considered as an marketable baseline skill set as an industry wide standard for a minimum of additional staples required in addition to all that is tech is the language the programs and the logic. Yeah I’ve been talking to guys that think I’m a god for writing a Blockchain in JavaScript with a link to a hash to see it work just because coders are always tweaking with an 82% failure to success in getting a code to debug from concept to an actual machine which runs yeah we need a minimum education curriculum. Somto hell with thenyeah to the I gonna be doin them befor the beginning of August.

  10. Angus Chiu
    Angus Chiu says:

    I use YouTube and I love this stream, because Ivan knows about business, reasonable and at the same time, has a heart to help people and the crypto space to grow.

    Hope you can run the stream 20 years! (But it’s a bit hard isn’t it?)


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