Why SUBSTRATUM (SUB) Is Needed More Than Ever!

You guys know I literally love Substratum. It’s probably my absolute favourite project out there. Here’s why now the time that we need Substratum more than ever. Things are not looking so great anymore at the internet as we know it, luckily Substratum is there to save it.

My opinion, no professional advice.


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38 replies
  1. Paun Ionut
    Paun Ionut says:

    Hey Quentin,why are you keep shilling this project?I will unsubscribe because of Substratum videos,i held 6 months this coin and convinced myself ,and you know its nothing but noise,no github development,no product no nothing,only PROMISES.Please stop making people loose money with those paid videos!!!

  2. stéphane s
    stéphane s says:

    Hi there, the project looks very interesting but I have a doubt. I am not a tech savvy but if allowing someone to use to your connexion, is there a risk to be hacked or someone using it to hack someone and you being in trouble?

  3. A H
    A H says:

    It saddens me that Substratum keeps getting reviews like this. I'm sorry in advance, because I am going to be blunt.
    I am someone with deep knowledge of DHCPs, DNS's and the IP-protocol.

    It is very apparent to me that you don't really know how the internet works (no offense!), or what Substratum will be. I think it is a very good thing however that you are worried about your privacy and net neutrality in general, so chappeau for that!

    The sad thing however, is that you have fallen for the trap of the SUBStratum guys, in the fact that they throw some buzzwords in their videos and whitepaper to confuse people. Substratum is nothing more than a glorified VPN. Next to that there is absolutely NO development on their Github, eventhough their whitepaper says it is open source. They keep claiming to Open source their code, but so far Nothing. The smart contract of Substratum is also of very low quality, eventhough there are no known exploits in it (a very standard contract; copy-pasted actually from another coin).

    They have delayed their "open beta" for atleast 6 months without giving a good detail and the professionalism of the team is not really there. The SUB videos on youtube are terrible and there's nothing in the application that seems far in development.

    There are multiple decentralized crypto VPN projects, with actual development and actual live Alpha's / Beta's (even on the Blockchain testnets), which I will not say here, because then people will think this post is a "Shill" for those projects. Most of these projects haven't had the marketing campaigns as SUB had. these projects are below$20 million Market cap, whilst SUB has $270+ M… This is irrational and unfortunately many many young and inexperienced (on IP/DNS level) are eating the crap that they keep spilling.

    See this a warning from a concerned (also Dutch btw) guy, that SUB will not become the thing you are saying in your video.
    SUB will not become a new type of internet. SUB will not become the greatest VPN ever, NOR will SUB be the best blockchain VPN, if they even EVER release a product that is. I won't go as far as calling it a complete scam, because they might someday actually bring a product (decentralized or not) to the market, however I don't doubt that it will be inferior to other projects.

    As far as I am concerned, the SUB team is not capable of doing so. Proof is the videos of Justin "Burning tokens" and the way he talks about DNS in their whitepaper and videos.

  4. Mutombo 23
    Mutombo 23 says:

    Skycoin is soooooooo much further developed, more innovative, simply better than Substratum in all possible aspects that it is nearly ridiculous that I mention them in the same sentence….

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    I think the idea of substratum is good because of the internet censorship , but why do they have coins? Why would they need coins? What is the use case for them?

  6. Joerie Rave
    Joerie Rave says:

    You misunderstood net neutrality. It's about content being blocked or hardly accessible if you don't pay for a premium package. So your ISP will censor what you see.


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