Only 36% of Top Cryptos Deliver?

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Let’s take a walk and chat about what these numbers REALLY mean.

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50 replies
  1. Rui Correia
    Rui Correia says:

    Hi Heidi , really good video , I’m invested in about 50 % of those ,all good project, but one that’s not in the top 100 but will soon because it’s the most complete and will rule in 2019 it’s apollo great platform fantastic usability, the future is here

  2. N2 DaAIR
    N2 DaAIR says:

    Well, it’s been 6 months. Hows that bitcoin treatin ya now, lol. It still blows me away to see how many people are falling for this crypto crap! I went with pot stocks instead, thank goodness, and I’m up 447%. Investing in crypto is like taking a torch to your cash.

  3. ajd1321
    ajd1321 says:

    DENTCOIN has a working project, app with millions of users liberating mobile data with a marketplace and soon exchange and soon the first world wide telecommunications company and already a massive amout of telcos world wide for data top ups. boom.

  4. Crypto Scott
    Crypto Scott says:

    Dirty thirty or flirty thirty, either way innovation has no limits in blockchain space and I have a feeling a lot of those projects are waiting to release their main nets once the market has a recovery. Great video! Maybe one day we can have digital walls with beach wind and waves synthetically generating the environments. Sheesh I need some digital friends too.

  5. Evan Mitton
    Evan Mitton says:

    Hi Heidi thanks for another good video interesting to think that there's only 30 of them! hey by the way where are you what island are you? on it's beautiful there😊😎

  6. Nik Lyons
    Nik Lyons says:

    Great idea to make these videos outside in the fresh air. Awesome song on the intro. I am a caretaker and I run several businesses at cost. Crypto is my way out of the mule life I have built for myself. Ether was my winning horse but I have only gotten rekt so far. Ether, litecoin, and bitcoin was my pick for the winning horse. Now it seems like vitalic is shilling eos and it seems like he's trying to downplay etherium value as reflected in the price. Any thought on that? Also, who is the dao? I want to get more involved but with no programming background and with little free time away from trying to get my wife to florida from Iran as I'm getting older and my back is having a hard time on the hamster wheel. I'm in need some real answers. As it is now my value as a human is deeply rooted in my abilty to lift heavy objects for others but when I get too old I may not have any such person or asset to protect me and the family I plan to start when my wife is finally allowed into the states. For me it's a game of indurance and survival. My goal in life is to make the world a better safer happier more compassionate healthy and to strenghten ties with others and break down barriers of communication through singing, music, and the way I live and treat others. I am not exactly sure the best way to get there but I will not quit searching for answers. How to end poverty, sickness, and problems for all people and sentient and nonsentient beings alike. I was praying for the dollar to crash and burn so that crypto could replace it thus ending war and redistribution of wealth. Is that too harsh? Am I going to have to survive another ten years before people realize they need crypto? How can I act to speed up the adoption process without becoming a shill for something that has only made me poorer? I want to love this space but I don't like what I'm finding out about the secret origins and shady facts that coinbase is centrally located in London and San Fran and Chicago Illinois. I feel like I have been tricked. Isn't London where white collar criminals created our fiat system. London is like D.C. and basically makes the rules that they are immune to be subject to. I should have bought bitcoin back in 2012 when I first studied it. I figured the cia would murder everyone and it would disappear like every other advance in tech. Now I don't know what to think about crypto except to pray for it to succeed. But if the deep state is dao then I guess I can only hope and pray that the law of code will be just and fair so that all people are equipt to defend their individual and collective human rights

  7. Shaji Manghat
    Shaji Manghat says:

    You have missed the important ones – I believe, you need concentrate Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Monero Plaforms EOS, Stellar, NEO, Ontology, Cardano, Tron, ICON, VeChain, Wanchain, 0x – dont look at the media they have heuristics bias – they publish for the mass not for the class- look at those who have working product, what is the consensus algo, governance, decentralization model, scaling, use cases, community around, fund reserve, team, – People are missing WAX backed by OPSSkin a market place for virtual goods like amazon to e-com. Cardano is the only 3rd generation platform developing a quantum resistant blockchain with innovative Ouroboros Proof of Stake Algorithm. Thank you. Based on my deep technical research with my skill these are the ones like to succeed – may be you can add Dash and Zcash their privacy is permissioned not absolute like Monero.

  8. Ruben Santos
    Ruben Santos says:

    The author of this article did so much research but why did he list Ripple as a crypto (it is not) and not the actual coin xrp… even so it's nice to see others point of view


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