DIGIBYTE SKYROCKETS | Is it heading for new highs?

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  1. Jack Watson
    Jack Watson says:

    Stock up on your Digibyte whilst prices are good folks! I use shapeshift to convert litecoin into digibyte and from there to digibyte wallet or ledger nano s hard wallet. Lightning quick transaction speeds. Absolutely love DigiByte! 121k + of them and holding for the longterm.

  2. Dan Mac
    Dan Mac says:

    Been following this coin for years and it will only go up with hype created with videos like these. It's a youtube pump, nothing more, don't fool yourself. 
    Just see who is the founder and how it manipulated the hype trying to look something it's not ( false microsoft and minecraft partners etc).

  3. Kebradera Pumper
    Kebradera Pumper says:

    my birthday is TOMORROW day 26 dec, if you can donate some digibyte to me #digibirthday #digibytecoin (have my ID on video ) i made a partner with DGB and kamoney exchange on brasil my country to pay bills, deposit bank accounts and recharge cellphone directly with DGB im a good community member
    we need do this campaign for all nice and good dgb members of community

  4. Valerios B.
    Valerios B. says:

    Digibyte was doubling it's price since 2014 every year, in 2017 it made 10x and more of it's price, it is stable and moving to the new highs every year until now. I think it's price will grow very high in a long term, in year or two.

  5. Nic Wow
    Nic Wow says:

    I am a Kyber Network Marine. Digi Marines has a bigger drop but KNC has been dropping for a while hopefully will go up due to exchange listing tomorrow.


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