Daily: Angry Koreans protest ban / Kucoin vs Binance / Neo Devcon

100,000 koreans have signed a petition against the “exchange ban”. Overview of exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, Bittrex, Poloniex.
1:00 Market Analysis – Discounts over?
1:50 100,000 Koreans sign petition to stop crypto ban
3:04 KFC Canada Is Accepting Bitcoin for Fried Chicken
3:40 Exchanges Discussion
7:38 Walton Video 3
8:09 Vechain Video Contest
9:00 Neo Devcon

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35 replies
  1. Victor ZHANG
    Victor ZHANG says:

    Today I'd like to withdraw USDT from Kucoin to Binance, but 2 hours passed without a successful transfer, then i find kucoin's client service, the anwser is a system failure has happened, and the repair may need 24 hours! And the operation can not be revoked!

    With such a big BUG, there's no warning on their page, and the system continues to lead clients to the eurror… and client's USDT are stuck in the middle of transfer, and looking Bitcoin price higher and higher, increase 1000 dollars by the time, i lost huge benefits nothing but because of their system failure …and the failure may take 24 hours to resolve!

    SO SAD AND SO BAD EXPERIENCE ON KUCOIN! (Oups, i severely doubt that they took client's USDT to buy BTC, and so no USDT to withdraw out from the platform)

  2. joshi richman
    joshi richman says:

    Could you cover the prediction market tokens? I'm interested in buy something in that group, but would like to know your opinion. I like STX, but everyone else seems to be enamored with REP. Would love to hear your opinion.

  3. Anders Rosén
    Anders Rosén says:

    Great videos, I love them, but please work more on the sound quality: the bass echo here almost makes it unbearable to listen to. Use the an equalizer or find another room for your recording.

  4. Roelieland Z
    Roelieland Z says:

    I personally have bad experiences with Poloniex. Have been trying to get in touch with support for several months without any reaction. If you have a problem and nobody is replying to solve it it can be very frustrating to say the least at you can have your money stuck for a long time or even gone.

  5. Yuri Yarin
    Yuri Yarin says:

    I know already posted. Rewatched the video haha. Since you mentioned coinbase, Kraken is another good exchange for fiat. It's got issues with the site in that pages have to be reloaded to work when volume is high, but it's faster for approving users and they have been proactively working to solve those. Big one for EUR and also supports other countries currencies (i.e. USD, CAD). All in all it does work despite the problems and it does get you online and has MUCH LOWER FEES than coinbase. Fees is another thing you forgot to mention. Binance has insane fees now on some currencies ($20-$50) and it's increased the minimum trade to 0.002 from 0.001 so small traded are harder to make. But the awesome thing about it is that transactions are instant.

  6. Brad P
    Brad P says:

    2018 is the year of Alt Coins! Also want to comment on HitBTC, it has been excruciating slow for me. Just create Kucoin account and it been cool so far.

  7. Hung Wang Dong
    Hung Wang Dong says:

    Why don't businesses accept bitcoin for longer than 6 months? This is a huge problem. Once businesses accept bitcoin permanently or alt coin BOOM price will double in 2 minutes.

  8. frymangalore! mk2
    frymangalore! mk2 says:

    Hi Michael, love your videos. Would love your analysis on the qash project at some point. I know you are busy and it's a low market cap coin but it looks very interesting to me considering the waves of regulation hitting crypto at the moment. Cheers mate 🙂


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