CRYPTOCURRENCY QUIZ!!! 🤑 How GOOD is your Bitcoin / Altcoin Knowledge? 🙇

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35 replies
  1. Sub Ze12o
    Sub Ze12o says:

    Please Talk about SYNX today and the up coming fork 😀 Please. Also people in the comments below stop being cheap and buy one of his classes to figure out what the number 1 coin is!!!! Stop saying you are excited to hear about it at 50k subscribers! Do you think BTC or BTC2X will be the dominator after the fork? Alot of the mining pools are sending out notices they will be paying btc out as 2x and not BTC any more. 0xCDf3B9b25980CD7eF59b11E4D52389dAaE1eF7Cb

  2. Alex Smith
    Alex Smith says:

    Suppoman I love your videos and I think that the best investment I ever made was buying your courses.
    Also, what do you think would happen to the cryptocurrencies value and capitalization if we have a new global financial crisis?

  3. Aruarian Music
    Aruarian Music says:

    You always want a hard question, so what was the color of pants I was wearing yesterday? 😀 here's the real question: I'm just starting into cryptocurrency and I wanted to know, if I have small money should I invest it in a long term things or try to make smaller gains?

    ETH: 0xcce913657d7e8b5341e2564dd9516585f3319bfb

  4. Tariq Mahmood
    Tariq Mahmood says:

    Hi suppoman

    iv started to research new ico's, however my plan is to surface the best ico's with a strong background and invest £1000 over a long term, what do you think? also do you think it is possible to have a single crypto currency dedicated to 1 country, like the current currencies?


  5. Stan K
    Stan K says:

    It was fun playing the quiz even if it wasn't live for me. My question is, can you shed light on the sudden rise in the value of EOS? especially in light of the generally bleeding of alts. 0x9CB69147B6EA84071B634113CD551395fc48f083

  6. Kim Kristiansen
    Kim Kristiansen says:

    Suppoman! With Segwit2x just around the corner, Bitpay says they will follow the chain with the most accumulated difficulty. There are many supporters and many haters regarding Segwit2x. My frined calles Segwit2x a clusterfork because if the fork continues to be supported by the overwhelming majority of miners, there will be serious confusion over which chain is the “real” Bitcoin. Bitcoin lost 60% of its hashing power from miners to bitcoin cash recently, but is now down approx 30%… Suppoman: Which bitcoin do you think will be bitcoin after Nov 14. Will the dust settle for bitcoin or will Segwit2x/bitcoin cash become alfa? ETH: 0x11815663859fdC78270D707805AEbb791D61D6c2

  7. Ricardo Calvo
    Ricardo Calvo says:

    Hi Suppo, I was just wondering what you think about putting money in the funding wallet in bitfinex? I don't see much info related to that topic. BTW, This is my eth wallet address. Thanks. 0x241ebad2f984e76e5dff0376f7e5c51242eedca2

  8. Aki D
    Aki D says:

    Hi Suppoman,

    Do you think after the next fork a lot of BTC money will go through to the Alt Coins?  And if so, which coins do you think will benefit most from this?  NEO?


  9. ZuP5
    ZuP5 says:

    Suppoman, with the large number ERC20 based tokens, what are your thoughts on investing in something with an integral dependancy on the Ethereum network? What happens if Ethereum falls apart? 0xbA765BDe0c9b3A9D0f0b8E29c99AdbF894bF7795

  10. Robert Bocox
    Robert Bocox says:

    Wassuuup Suppo, I know how you feel about Bitconnect, so i'm afraid to ask; What do you think about Gold Rewards ICO? Do you think you will be investing considering how well Bitconnect took off? 0x348e551A279830F8eF0b91b7f13Ac2EBe6e21BBf

  11. Mactoot *
    Mactoot * says:

    Too bad I had no chance of watching this live but I am ready for tomorrow. Try me Suppo. Anyway, how long are you going to hold on B3 after 80K?


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