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50 replies
  1. Rabin Sujan
    Rabin Sujan says:

    Thanks for a great video! Helped a lot!!. I have some idea of scientific news. I am currently following SciDex. They are creating a new marketspace for scientific data. Amazing project!

  2. MR RNEO
    MR RNEO says:

    Sether (SETH) sale price – $2.772 –> Current Price – around $0.30. Huge loss!!!

    Basically, you just you sell products and receive commissions for that!!! You're a fraud.

  3. Aleksandr Goldberg
    Aleksandr Goldberg says:

    Everyone feels TokenGo's professional potential. I have been working on this project for a long time. I think that the platform is the best solution for cryptography. On the platform, you can realize yourself by any businessman and ordinary user.

  4. Рената Садыкова
    Рената Садыкова says:

    Explanatory video, thanks for the review! There is a blocking platform for tokenizing TokenGO's business. It was also worth talking about her. I like that they use their own development to improve the speed and scalability of the network. This project wants to bring the cryptographic community to a new level, very profitable both now and in the future platform. I recommend to all.

  5. Александр Алексеенко
    Александр Алексеенко says:

    We need to start not with investments, but with participation in so called bounties of companies like the Tokengo project, where you are paid coins for simple tasks that everyone can perform. If everything goes well, you can sell these monents on stock exchanges and make good money. There are stories when people bought apartments from one bounty even.

  6. Геннадий Б
    Геннадий Б says:

    I think that you need to pay attention to the ICO TokenGo. This is a very promising project, run by very sensible guys. They have already achieved some heights and justified the trust of the investors.

  7. ilnarsail sea
    ilnarsail sea says:

    Welcome)) not so long ago became interested in this topic)) I began to explore interested in and stumbled on a very interesting project called TokenGo. They now have an ICO there and there is a bounty company… It seems that there is serious guys…

  8. josh23
    josh23 says:

    Hi guys, Join our whitelist to get tokens. They are running a referral program on Plentix decentralized platform for Pre-ICO and Token Sale, refer a friend and receive Plentix tokens.

  9. Andrii Belei
    Andrii Belei says:

    I would like to draw your attention to IСO from TokenGo. This is a very promising project, which in the future will bring many X. The beginning of the IСO on February 27


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