Ripple To Mainstream Adoption? What About XRP?

Ripple announced the launch of the MoneyTap in Japan. The app was developed with the xCurrent Ripple technology by a consortium of 61 Japanese banks (SBI Ripple Asia).

This is the first time we see a blockchain-based product going to mainstream adoption. Ripple is doing a very good job in doing that, good publicity for the entire industry.

What does this mean for the XRP token? Do I like it?

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18 replies
  1. Robbert
    Robbert says:

    Hi Quinten, I enjoy your videos and appreciate your work however, the amount of false information you spread in this video is simply cringe worthy.. Fine if you make a video about a certain topic/coin but make sure to do some proper research first.

    Looking forward to your next videos which I normally find very informative.

  2. Humble Ben
    Humble Ben says:

    I am amused by crypto purists like yourself who look down on xrp for their associations with banks on one hand and on the other are happy to have Wall Street money coming into the space. A week ago you posted "3 Reasons Why Bakkt Is HUGE For Bitcoin! (Better than ETF?!) JMHO

  3. ReggaeWise
    ReggaeWise says:

    Professional hype machine that is all, I hope it gets by hyping, government central control then it get a price peak and dies afterworths and it is out of the way of real dectralised cryptomoney.

  4. Free Spirit
    Free Spirit says:

    Banks are not going away any time soon. Ripple’s perspective is simply this: if you can’t beat them, work with them! Much smarter. I am all in XRP as a valuable digital asset with a real use case that solves problems with cross-border payments that will be snapped up by many participants in the financial industry very quickly. Furthermore, if you take time to research Ripple products and XRP properly you will discover that their operation will actually subvert the control and monopolies of the central banks…


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