Is DataDash Dead? | Update Video

Stay tuned everyone! 🙂


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  1. Muhammed Patel
    Muhammed Patel says:

    BRO your sitting at 214K now!!

    I been riding with you since 20K and i knew you had the content and brain to get it done.
    hit me up id love to connect with you, left a few comments on other videos in the past, you are a soul brother with the exact same path as me in finance and markets and startups

  2. Toma VNedyalkov
    Toma VNedyalkov says:

    Hi Nick, any chance to do a review of Quantstamp? Would be great as a lot of people are wondering of the potential so I think someone reputable explaining the project would be great

  3. Norbert Iacob
    Norbert Iacob says:

    Yo, love your content, been learning to strategize more. im using bittrix. say i have 20 xyz coins. How do i set some sell orders in case it goes up, but also tell it to sell everything once im at 10% loss?

  4. Nico Buelens
    Nico Buelens says:

    Hey Datadash, have a look at Vertcoin. Something is going to happen if you look at the charts…Good consolidation, hovering around the 21MA. Went long at 3.90 USD (exactly the 3.62 rectracement), stop loss around 3.20USD (around the 0.5 fibb rectracement). Target is around 9.50 USD in 24 days.
    What do you think?


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