Difference between DAPPS and Smart Contracts? Programmer explains.

What is the difference between smart contracts and decentralized applications? This is a question many people have and although similar, the concepts are different and mean different things.

Today we are discussing this difference.

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44 replies
  1. Enrique Piatti
    Enrique Piatti says:

    Could we build something like FB as a DAPP? or that does not make any sense. And if yes, what does "decentralized" means in that case? that every computer should have a full copy of all "facebook" data (images etc)? so is not possible to have any private data on any DAPP because every computer on the node must have access to a copy of it?

  2. Enrique Piatti
    Enrique Piatti says:

    I don't understand, probably I need to read moer I know, but maybe you can help me with the concept at least:
    How is executed the coded for the smart contract? I mean how can I tell to the network that I am still alive? can somebody explains step by step what is going on? for example, I connect to some server (server? or where I connect?), I send it a request (what type of request?), etc.

  3. enzo17
    enzo17 says:

    Thanks Ivan for making this vid, this added my knowledge about smart contracts since one of my coins, DeepOnion is developing a new feature which is smart contract to provide further security for upcoming projects and protections against hack or fraud.

  4. Robert Oschler
    Robert Oschler says:

    Upcoming sci-fi detective thriller. Ethereum dApp programmer accidentally discovers a contract put out for his own death on the Ethereum network while exploring blocks/transactions on the Ethereum network during a debugging session. The contract is set to pay out once his death is confirmed. All he has is a transaction destination address to help find his would-be killer. 😀

  5. Stephen Turner
    Stephen Turner says:

    Hi Ivan, great video. I'm a lawyer & legal tech entrepreneur and I signed up to your blockchain course starting in June. Very exiting space for legal tech / blockchain entrepreneurs. Smart contracts and DAPPS for law are going to be huge. Interestingly, those DAPPS existing at the moment are based on Ethereum, but i see from your interview with Dan Larimer from EOS (great video too) that basing your DAPP on ethereum may not be such a good idea in the long term!

  6. Mohamed Nour
    Mohamed Nour says:

    The problem with you programmers is you think you own the game of cryptocurrencies, like your childish reaction with the credits blockchain, just know that when all the progamming stuff will evolve and others cryptocurrencies bring something new , you will be the dog here trying to defend your old fashion cryptocurrencies because you invest in them , so … just continu to hate it wont matter if they release what they were supposed to , as your EOS mother didnt released a single shit

  7. tavga rahim
    tavga rahim says:

    matrix all network is great smart contract nd great team, china aprove . can u pls do some video about it. I have page and some folower, I translate ur videos allot, KurdCrypto FB page

  8. kokolorenz
    kokolorenz says:

    Hm, not really happy with that description. Not even as a programmer I really get it. I hope, this Ivan coding course will be bit better. How are smart contracts organized at all? Can you attach a smart contract to each blockchain transaction? So you have a special Eth wallet where you can add code to a transaction? Or is a smart contract the logics behind a token? So creating a new token actually means creating a smart contract which you register somewhere? And the difference to a DAPP is not really explained as well. This video here basically just increased the confusion.


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