Cryptocurrency & Altcoin tools and trends in Social Media Volume

Intro to a new site called SOLUME.IO for identifying Social Media Volume on your favorite cryptos. Price vs. social volume overlay with Twitter, Reddit, and the positive/negative changes for the day.

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42 replies
  1. Liz Sim
    Liz Sim says:

    chinese new year is tommorow and the tether volumes are starting to increase…… my spidey senses are tingling… but ehh im too lazy to do something about it, let that bitch dip IDGAF anymore.

  2. Kacper Dzida
    Kacper Dzida says:

    Now Matt, there is one thing. As much as it is a super valuable tool for ICOs where price is kinda stagnant until release, than it doesn't convince in case of coins.

    You get to that egg and chicken problem – what was first? Was it the buzz that pushed people to exchanges in FUD/FOMO reactions? Or was it surprising price change that started the buzz in media? Either way seeing these, you're late to react accordingly.

    It looks like a marvelous tool for post-event analysis and plausible future correlations, yet it's not that good for short-mid term predictions IMO 😀


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