Crypto Update: Starbucks & Dorsey are IN! Warning for Google Chrome Users

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Starbucks has a lot of equity in Bakkt

Bakkt isn’t the only platform wanting to provide this service,

Questions that need to be addressed by Coinbase:

If you use Google Chrome be sure to update it to version 72.0.3626.121. Windows 7 has also been affected by this security breach and they are working on a fix.

Jack Dorsey is loading up on BTC because he thinks we’ll reach the moon in about ten years:
And has purchased his first hardware wallet:
(He went with w Trezor)


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  1. tradeOX
    tradeOX says:

    Love your content, short and to the point. If you like BRAVE then give Opera developer a try, IMHO it is more advanced with more useful features and it has a crypto wallet build in.

  2. Moss 86
    Moss 86 says:

    Lovely channel I have just found, you have a new fan! Your proposal about Coinbase is great, but in business world unfortunately some facts are not ideal, they are private entities and tend to keep secrets… Do not want to discourage you on your objective, simply giving another perspective. Physicall futures won´t push prices upwards IMO, tricks of old financial system will allow to short unless they are prohibited. Best wishes from Spain and keep smiling 🙂

  3. Skystruck Crypto
    Skystruck Crypto says:

    Glad they got rid of the problematic people at Neutrino. A lot of crazy things going on with crypto now, sure not hard finding content to talk about. The QuadrigaCX is getting to be a weird story, also I just heard an interview where George Soros was paying people in Bitcoin a few years back. I'll make a video tomorrow but weird stuff! Fidelity as well just went up! Anyways great video!

  4. Free American Spirit
    Free American Spirit says:

    Oh COME ON BILLIONAIRE Jack dorsey spending 10 grand a week on BTC… wow thats like me spending 10 bucks a week… Pretty sad people think this is some how big news and will mean anything… Just another whale buying up shares so he can dump it on you, and his will go through first because he has his own platform to cash them out…. JMHO

  5. C H
    C H says:

    Why is your YT-Channel not verified for BAT-tips with brave?

    Edit: just recognized: there might be an issue with the current brave-dev build as other (known vervified )-channels are also shown as not verified for me.

  6. Exciting World Cryptos
    Exciting World Cryptos says:

    Wow . thanks for the extra awareness on Coinbase. Just seems they are the next one. To hit the media and go in similar fashion of Quad. Just so much coming out of the wood work now. . Thanks for the awareness about Google Chrome. you never know. You are right. Brave is much better. Thanks again amazing video, Sincerely JR

  7. J Rock
    J Rock says:

    Is this 2017 all over again? I ain't falling for that garbage. I'll stick with EOS and xrp, platforms that don't need second layer solutions and huge amounts of centralized electricity.

  8. -Wickie -
    -Wickie - says:

    so your happy that a tax dodging company and a POS censorship guru are getting involved….my opinion of you has just lowered some what….

    Why don't you give 1940 a bell….see if the Nazi's wanna chip in…

  9. paul1mdrn
    paul1mdrn says:

    Tried sending you BAT through BRAVE but,

    Crypto Tips on YouTube
    Not yet verified
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