Bitcoin At New YEARLY LOW! *RSI At All Time Low…*

Bitcoin just fell to a new yearly low after months of ranging within a very tight range. Despite all the bullish technical indicators, fundamentally it’s still looking very good. But the bears have won this battle, not the war.

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  1. Ryann Young
    Ryann Young says:

    All i am saying is "that bitcoin will hit the bull sooner, bitcoin will definitely rise up" yes it will eventually go up, but not in a prolonged bear market. That's why you have been wrong all this time. Holding contrarian views or beliefs in trading only work for picking tops and bottoms not when the market is moving in a certain direction, because if you go against the masses when a market is moving in a particular direction you will get burnt. And that is what I think will happen to you and any one who watch and listens to your videos. I got burnt a couple of months ago when you said bitcoin was going to move from $8,000 to $9,000. I lost a lot of money but I made up to 75K I started trading few I had left with the help from Mr. Leon Schweitzer, he gives the best strategies, advise and patterns, everyone can contact him for help on ( ). I am just going to listen to Leon's advise and techniques, after watching all these YouTube videos from various You Tubers about the market, read new articles, watch the charts and listen to the Holy Spirit. I think the advice you are dishing out on here is crap and if any person wants to got poor they can listen to you. There are two time frames for BTC . Before and after October 2017 . Before that no one knew what bitcoin was and after that every knew what bitcoin was . Trying to use history is absolutely useless in this situation . BCH, BTC, XRP, XLM and Altcoins will only be spiked because of the fork and no other reason . The sad reality is that no cares about crypto any more except those who are already into it . Trading volume has plummeted and more people leaving then coming in . That's the stats and no amount of technical analysis is going to change that . The best we can hope for is the ETF bump followed by the dump and that we continue to go side ways . Prices don't just go up out of thin air or because they should be going up . It needs a huge demand for it and we are just not seeing that . 2019 is going to be bleak and if we don't get this " expected " rise from now ,January will see a massive sell off for all those people exiting crypto once and for all .

  2. HotHotstop
    HotHotstop says:

    Your new name is young and despressing. What a sore sob you are. Teaching people are your shills emotional decisions made. Time to learn from ItradeCrypto and Marc Demesal

  3. bluemeeni
    bluemeeni says:

    Bitcoin will not rally until the traditional markets collapse, be patient, they will collapse, don't know when, it could be years. The banks have control and will do anything legal or illegal to stop it.

  4. MrDj
    MrDj says:

    $4500-$4000 is coming!!! If btc can not find any support there, btc can go much lower like $2700-$2500! Actually 0.786% Fib.Level is exactly on $4500!!

  5. Capo
    Capo says:

    They want to squeeze all the normal people out of crypto. WHATEVER HAPPENS. REMEMBER THE TECH BEHIND BITCOIN IS NEXT TO FLAWLESS. HODL. And as always love to see you keeping up the hard work. 💪🏽💯👍🏽

  6. Dio G
    Dio G says:

    It’s never been this bad. The only coins up are stable coins 🤦‍♂️. I’m not gonna sell, at this point I’ll just let it go to zero lol


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