VeChain Ledger Nano S Wallet Guide

This is the complete guide on setting up your VeChain wallet on your Ledger Nano S. I go through each point step by step including how to update and install the app onto your Nano S, accessing your VeChain wallet, sending and receiving VET, and additional cool features that the app has.
0:25 Setting up the VeChain app on your Ledger Nano S
1:32 Accessing your wallet – VeForge Vault
2:46 Sending and receiving VET
3:40 Additional Features – observe wallet and node upgrade

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


36 replies
  1. outofthisswirled
    outofthisswirled says:

    Great video. I love what Vechain are trying to do BUT doesn't it worry anyone else that they have not stated a Max coin supply so can print the token into nothingness if they choose, like all the Fiat currencies have been doing since day 1?

  2. Sunsettvu
    Sunsettvu says:

    No wonder I like cash so much. I just reach in my pocket and pull out a couple of bucks pay for my burger and I am on my way. No hassle, no address, anonymous transaction.

  3. G4D
    G4D says:

    On Vault it just gets stuck on getting addresses…. waited for like 5 minutes and nothing ever happened. Edit: Has been like 15 minutes and still nothing. My Ledger Live is updated and everything. Pretty sure this is a Vault issue. Really annoyed.

  4. Juliana Setyawan
    Juliana Setyawan says:

    Hi Michael, I tried to set up the vechain wallet with ledger nano S. I already installed the vechain app in the ledger and go to the However, when I launch the wallet, it says on the website "getting addresses" for more than 5 hours already and It seems that there is no movement on the veforge website at all. How long does it take to initially launch the wallet? in your experience, does it take hours? I would greatly appreciate any help and pointers from you.

  5. Crypto French
    Crypto French says:

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  6. carolina zu
    carolina zu says:

    i follow you and other fellow you tubers almost a year, and to be honest everyone of you love to mention venezuela , with this direccion tirany ,dictatorship, inflation, well negatives jokes about whats happen in the moment there, somehow i have the intuition that somehow you guys only feed yourself with the mass media news and you did not did any deeper research, it feel that you are repeating like the parrow what tha mass media said, and to be honest its quite frustatring and sad to hear constantly that, especially cos i enjoy that content of you guys in eneral that way im subscribed, anyway here its a video very well explain of what happen right now invenezuela from a different angle ill apreciate if you watch t. Saludos.

  7. biochemistry870
    biochemistry870 says:

    Actually, you cannot upgrade via the observe wallet because it will ask you to scan a displayed QR code with your cold wallet i.e. Ledger / Vault. Obviously this is not posible. Please comment on this Box…

  8. CryptoJINX 13
    CryptoJINX 13 says:

    Great vid Michael! Question, let's say u are currently using the mobile wallet and storing ur VET on it. Let's also say you currently have a Xnode. If you move all the VET to Vault to have the ledger S manage the private keys will u lose ur xnode status?

  9. toan doan
    toan doan says:

    Hello Michael, is it safe to update the Ledger's firmware without backing up to another Ledger first.

    As long as you have the recovery keys, then it should be fine right?


  10. Wout Deley
    Wout Deley says:

    Good video! Is it possible to do an update on the partnerships and developments of Vechain. Apparantly DNV-GL (vechain stake holder and Authority Masternode) signed a partnership with Tencent to provide Blockchain technical advice. The signing was done by George Kang of DNV-GL, who is also on Vechains steering Commity!


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