Ivan on Tech CONFESSES about his past. Programmer explains.

A couple of days ago we crossed 100k subscribers and I couldn’t be more thankful. Today we’ve prepared a special video. Erik has prepared some personal questions that I didn’t know about which I had to answer. This video is mostly about me, but at the end we still talk about crypto and blockchain and what 2018 could have in store fr us. This is for the true fans of the channel! 😍 Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy!

Video “How to get buff as a programmer”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0uTDPeCW60

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


28 replies
  1. Prasad L
    Prasad L says:

    I think you are the best. I have not listened to many others because so far you have not given any reason for me to listen to many others. Great work. Like very much of your perspective about not having to balance life and work. As you said "It is just Life"

  2. yihaw149
    yihaw149 says:

    Just discovered your channel after doing a bit of research about bitcoin. Lots of my friends recently have been into cryptocurrency and some have made huge fortune on it, although I am still very much a skeptic about its long term potential (decentralised and used as a new medium of transaction). Thanks to your channel, I have a different perspective now. Hope you continue the great work and spread important information to complete novice like me. You've got yourself a new subscriber

  3. CompSciGuyIT
    CompSciGuyIT says:

    Don't know if you'll see this comment, but I thought I'd ask a question hoping you could give your opinion.
    Bitcoin (and most cryptocurrencies) have taken a big drop value very quickly, and word is that it's because of South Korea's ban.
    Do you think there is more to it than this? I find it odd that a single country decides to ban Bitcoin and suddenly it loses a quarter of its value overnight.


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