Cryptocurrency Market Surging – My Top Altcoins

In this video I outline some of my top buys for the last week on this recent resurgence of the market. Those include Cardano, Stellar, bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash,

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  1. Shamim Anwar
    Shamim Anwar says:

    Hey, my only plan is to show you how you can start living a better life. I'm giving you this information for FREE. You won't be asked for payment, and will not be asked to commit to future payment. The only thing I am asking is that you spend two minutes watching my video. In those two minutes, you can decide whether or not the system is for you. Click the link to watch, and then let me know what you think.

  2. Jmurgtn
    Jmurgtn says:

    Have not been able to open Cardano wallet Daedalus for weeks, it always freezes on loading screen and the tech support fixes don't work. Not a noob, own over 30 different cryptocurrencies for past 2 years and have over 10 different wallets all work fine but not the Cardano wallet.

  3. Jonah Whisky
    Jonah Whisky says:

    Just wanted to use this medium to say a big thank you to Lisa Alexis So I got a bit down when I was that my bitcoins was not doing me any Good after hodling for a while,  not until I meant her on youtube and she thought me how to earn 3btc in 5 days while investing,  do yourself all good and contact her also for your own her at 

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  4. gary marcus
    gary marcus says:

    Actually I saw a story on 60 minutes, some in silicone valley are moving to the midwest. Ohio, Michigan and forming mini silicone valleys, for less costly real estate.

  5. Crypto Cat
    Crypto Cat says:

    I suggest you look into this 'game', it can make you some Eth per day by just producing Goo.
    Powh3d gets you nowhere (too slow), but this can!
    it's only 8 days running now and still growing fast. The maker is on Discord and is a very nice guy.
    Entering is free (just gas for first unit buy) and thereafter units cost Goo which you produce by your first unit. Soon you can by a few more and start producing. Later upgrades cost 0,02Eth but the ROI is fast.
    I make like 0.026Eth a day already (0,8 month) and i am still growing. Makes me more then my miner does 🙂
    Get in there now guys while its still early!!!

  6. DaBronx
    DaBronx says:

    If you believe in a project and buy into the project, then you are not schilling! You are promoting. You're only schilling if you are paid by the project for the promotion , especially if you really don't believe in the project, tech or team.


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