Bitcoin Mining In Trouble? Examining the research and FUD

Bitcoin mining isn’t profitable anymore, miners are turning off their rigs, China runs Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin will soon be dead! Sounds familiar right? Let’s discuss the latest research from Coinshares on Bitcoin mining, and have a realistic conversation around the positives, negatives and what the future holds.

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34 replies
  1. Gurgeh
    Gurgeh says:

    Bitcoin is a self regulating system with a time delay. So, there is no death spiral. Difficulty will go down a lot in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Glendon Gross
    Glendon Gross says:

    Fiery Death Pit? I don't think so. Probably the demand for renewable energy coming from Bitcoin miners is causing an improvement in the economy of scale in the production of renewables.

  3. Nasty Jay
    Nasty Jay says:

    Fiery death pit!! Bobby: isn’t it amazing on how many levels bitcoin is cool? I mean, the bitcoin mining network causes arbitrage for the cost of electricity. How can others not see how fun and interesting cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, is in so many ways??

  4. daniel Legler
    daniel Legler says:

    Whenever mainstream media want to attack something they dont like, it becomes "unsustainable". Everything has been "unsustainable" at one point or another, except Keynesian economics.

  5. myantispambox
    myantispambox says:

    Stupid paper. Assuming every single game console is played 4 hours per day? That's just beyond silly. And what is really dumb? It doesn't matter if the Bitcoin network (or any crypto network) uses 1 megawatt or 10,000,000 megawatts, they both will work the same.

  6. roberto ribas
    roberto ribas says:

    “It’s a positive because they are consuming excess solar energy” well, since you are really stupid, you don’t realize that you can simply disconnect the excess solar during those times. Also, many other times, bitcoin is wasting energy. Period. Investing more, morons are supposed to lose money!

  7. Cooper Rayman
    Cooper Rayman says:

    A lot of valid facts to counter the misleading mainstream articles once again. It only reminds me that you can't trust media what so ever, without doing your reasearch first. I just hope more people will discover the actual facts.

  8. martin drew
    martin drew says:

    What a really well put together vid Bobby. One of your most i formative and best yet. Really appreciate the quality and effort you put into your vids buddy, especially when the despair, loss of hope, etc seems to be spreading around the cryptosphere so much right now. Top job mate 👍

  9. 16Gym
    16Gym says:

    Difficulty adjusts. If you take that into account u know there will always be ppl mining BTC.
    Those FUDs are only applicable to ppl who dont know BTC technically.


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