Altcoin News – Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Bullish? Abu Dhabi Markets, T-Mobile Blockchain, Bitstrade

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at bullish signs above $8,000. Has bitcoin and cryptocurrencies turned the corner? Cryptocurrency speculation could ‘destroy’ innovation according to Singapore central bank executive. Abu Dhabi markets watchdogs mills crypto exchange regulations. T-Mobile’s blockchain work is quietly coming together. Bitstrade platform gets a cease and desist order from New Jersey Regulators and is labelled as Fraudulent.


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33 replies
  1. Maximus Prometheus
    Maximus Prometheus says:

    We are still not out of the woods…There is still the G20 summit and they will be discussing the future of crypto. So I can see the market dip before that depending on what they say and their plans for crypto are exactly.

  2. Ryan Baloy
    Ryan Baloy says:

    Would love to see real result from #Electroneum $ETN. As an ICO investor, I still believe in it's "potential" (but it's fading with some I think). It is nice to see it holding around 6 cents from hype/speculation but IMO the real long term value needs to come from these "announcements" and "plans" actually coming to fruition. What do you all think?

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hey is it just me or are Bitcoin transaction cheap and really … really fast now? I just sent some BTC and took about 3 seconds, literally …

  4. owen j
    owen j says:

    how other coins are behaving atm is irrelevant, whole market seems to be being controlled by bots. tech analysis says we could be back to 6k this week before spiking more significantly

  5. Daniel Kelso
    Daniel Kelso says:

    “I believe in blockchain, I believe in blockchain”
    If I keep saying it over and over like a mantra, I actually will believe in it. But in truth, I’m really only interested in the gains. 🤑

  6. stan sato
    stan sato says:

    HODL telcoin, why? check their twitter page and what they are doing. They are building partnership globally. Check Ian Balina's AMA for their progress

    What they are doing is better than ripple. They are in the Philippines right now, follow them in twitter.


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