Should you invest in a cryptocurrency after a huge price increase? – Ripple & NEM example

Hey everyone,
The last couple of weeks I received this question several times:
should I still invest in Ripple & NEM?
I made a video about if you should invest in something, and cryptocurrencies in particular, after a huge increase in price.



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  1. Gonzalo Lozano
    Gonzalo Lozano says:

    Left a little bit on the table, as far as analysis as to why you took some off the table, converted it into Bitcoin[majority], and reinvested the remainder in the unknown altcoin position. To think of it, it falls exactly in line with your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management [value investing fundamentals/principles]. Cheers on the execution. In retrospect, Ripple has only 5x folded, however, NEM did 50x fold on ya. The 15/20x from Bitcoin however, [due to the % & high dlr amnt] will allow you to leverage it into another gold nugget crypto finding. Rooting for ya! Don't mind the analysis, I just find it captivating my friend.

  2. Topper Rob
    Topper Rob says:

    Has yet an investment in ETH and BTH peaks sense? I want to make my first investments… / Or whats your opinion on investin my smaller kapital of 1,5k… should I concentrate on the Top 2 or Altcoins?

    Thanks a lot

  3. godelusion
    godelusion says:

    i told you Young & Investing he may lose big . he already missed 50% gain on NEM.
    selling NEM before catapult is an act of stupidity sorry for the word , i didn't sell i just made 9.8 btc gain OMG i am getting rich. loooooooooooooooooooooollll

  4. Dawid Sawicki
    Dawid Sawicki says:

    hi, could you please advise:
    1. which wallet use to storage both
    2. where to buy them efficiently, I – so far have just some BTC on Polo, but that's not too safe to keep things on an exchange, is it?

    thank you, keep it up

  5. EmblazNOR
    EmblazNOR says:

    Hey mate! I love your videos, thank you so much.
    Do you have a forum or something where you and your fans can share info and thoughts with each other? That would be amazing.
    South Korea just bought alot of ripple, should I wait for the drop to invest? Im very new to this

    Kindest regards,

  6. Johnny G
    Johnny G says:

    We are on the ground floor with crypto. just buy the ones you like in the top ten and watch them closely. The best I saw was a 75,000% increase, these could do the same.

  7. Luca Uno
    Luca Uno says:

    Hello , today i saw an '' little'' crypto that i like it . His name is GAMECREDITS ( GAME) …
    i like his graphs , his volume and his price .
    I think to invest in it if it break his Maximum (0.00077000 btc ) but with ''only'' my 2% or 5% , no more becouse i dont' have other information.
    PS: im newer in this crypto-world 🙂 but i like you and… i dont' understend very well the english lenaguage ( i must re-play the videos so mutch times to understand it 🙂 )
    I hope you understand me and if you want , can you tell me about this crypto-currency ?

    THANK YOU so mutch for your videos

  8. João de Carvalho
    João de Carvalho says:

    This idea that a fast growth is not sustainable, and the market will correct, makes sense with companies, but I am not sure that it applies to cryptocurrencies. Specially when we have a big total market capitalization that can quickly flow to any coin. Bitcoin, for example, has neither the best technology nor the governance.; its only strength is its market value. However, in the crypto world, value can flow easily from one coin to another.

  9. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Hi. Any idea about crypto lending ? I saw tons of pros & cons againt bitconnect (or similar services). Legit or scam ? Short term trading is a almost a full-time job, mining is most of the time not an option, long-term holding is boring but lending seems quite interesting.
    Side question : has you have lots of XEM, do your harvest ? I'm still trying to understand XEM before making a decision about harvesting or not.

  10. omeria omeria
    omeria omeria says:

    Hi, great video as always! I am only investing short terms and i agree with you for ripple and nem. However for bitcoin going down 6% at the moment, would you invest for short term position?

  11. wurzwurz1616
    wurzwurz1616 says:

    btw i think you should have waited a bit before buying bitcoin as i tnink it will have a bit of a correction in the price next few days but i understand why you sold a bit of xem and xrp. And you didn't say which new crypto currency you have invested in??

  12. wurzwurz1616
    wurzwurz1616 says:

    hi mate seeing as you made quite a bit of profit via where do you actually witdraw. assuming that you have put it back into the bank. I'm asking because a lot of companies such as coinbase and others have limits


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