Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class Live With Jeff

In this video I am going to field questions and talk about cryptocurrency as an asset class.


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  1. Carlos Filipe
    Carlos Filipe says:

    Could not not leave a like for putting a face on a voice I've been listening since being on the crypto universe. BTW, I also didn't receive any notification that you'd be going live, doesn't mean I don't watch the channels' other videos. Youtube AI is nonsense sometimes.

  2. Daniel Kelso
    Daniel Kelso says:

    There’s a strong chance, you just lost all your Melbourne subscribers!! 😝

    Now what’s the market doing as I watch this?

    Oh dear!! 😖 There seems to be a scorched earth policy on crypto.

  3. Burke weltin
    Burke weltin says:

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  4. Scott's Garage
    Scott's Garage says:

    Hi Jeff, I was a noobie back at the end of November and have been watching you since I got into the crypto space. I have learned a lot from you and appreciate your humility and honesty. I think the live streaming will be your most successful media type. Good job!


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