Can Governments Ban Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

With the recent FUD from South Korea and China extending bans on cryptocurrency, the market has responded with a sea of red. Leading people to address the very real concern of can Governments ban Bitcoin or Can Governments stop Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


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  1. eyemall ears
    eyemall ears says:

    Great video but you need acoustic treatment in your room – even just more curtains/carpet/couches would improve the sound. Make sure you’re close enough to your mic too.
    I’m a sound engineer.

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    IMO, there is no need to panic whatsoever. Relax and hold on to all your longterm holdings. If you trust a project, why would you ever sell it if the market doesnt do well? For example I like DeepOnion a lot. It has great features, great community and great devs. Why would I sell this project if Im here for the longterm? No matter what happens im holding, could be a great strategy for the longterm IMO.

  3. Maarten
    Maarten says:

    Governments can't ban cryptocurrencies because you can't ban technology. Technology will simply find a way. In order to ban crypto they need to have information about transactions etc. DeepOnion already integrated TOR, MEEK and OBFS4 to make transactions completely anonymous. Even the great firewall of China can't block this.

  4. AltCoin Investor69
    AltCoin Investor69 says:

    Just hodl, blockchain technologies are like Social Network in 2006-2007: all Cryptos will explode in 2 or 3 years, but only if there are valid projects behind.
    Moreover, for China ban there is a great valid solution called DeepOnion.
    It is an anonymous Crypto using the Tor network, the OBFS4 Procol and Meek.
    The wallet is working also in China where some VPNs are stuck now.
    Moreover it is still at an affordable price, with only 25.000.000 maximum coins after the free airdrops.
    I think it is one of the 10 long term Crypto everyone must hodl in his Long Term portfolio.
    What do you think +Altcoin Buzz?

  5. John Abba
    John Abba says:

    Interesting projects in which it is possible to invest money – much. I would select from them TokenGo. It is the project created for people which embodies the relevant ideas of a digital century, at the same time having constructed the website which can use at the intuitive level. All actions happen in a personal room, everything is transparent, I think their token can give many X in the future)

  6. bianca nights
    bianca nights says:

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  7. dragon face
    dragon face says:

    Forbes annual report 2017 yes the market is done scammers packing their bags with your money and leaving in droves watch the fucking news learn a lesson …if its sounds to good to be true then it isn't pity you didn't learn my money is safe in the bank yours do you know where it is??????

  8. dexchua10
    dexchua10 says:

    The first language in Singapore is English Jeff! And they are not an extension of China! In fact, they are 3.8km away from each other with at least 4 other countries between them.

  9. Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott says:

    Personally, I can't wait to see it all come crashing down and all these miners greedly buying up all the 1070 and 1080 GPUs eat them. Oh wait, thats right, you'll just resale your half burnt up GPUs over on eBay for near new retail prices to make up some of your losses.

  10. E W
    E W says:

    Even at the lowest I'm still up over 9x and never pulled profits only diversified, but I got in pretty much at the beginning on all of mine so I'm still holding. The market is undeniable just look at the wealth going through it even now at its low it would buy a country…. that amount of wealth can buy decisions and governments. I wouldn't think for a moment that a government would ban and give up the opportunity to make a new mountain of steady yearly profit from tax regulations or the likes. BUY THE DIP, HODL ON! and wait for the big boys drive up the prices!!!

  11. Patrick Norman
    Patrick Norman says:

    They may not be able to STOP Crypto-Currency, but they will more than likely establish legislation that will TAX your profits once the banks are required to report "Crypto-Currency" earnings. (USA citizens) I hope i'm wrong but this current system relies on the sheeple to keep doing what we have been doing for the last 100 years. Just my 2 cents

  12. Daved Daly
    Daved Daly says:

    Governments could fairly easily effectively kill off most crypto-currencies. Step 1) Declare illegal. Step 2) Join the network Step 3) Get list of IP addresses participating. Step 4) Get subscriber information from ISPs Step 5) Arrest and seize equipment and assets.

  13. Pena Punkkanen
    Pena Punkkanen says:

    Jeff, Finland has been member of EU since 1995 🙂 member of Eurozone (the currency) since 1999. Norway is not in EU or Euro. Sweden and Denmark are in the EU but dont use Euro currency. All are members in the Nordic Council and all are true vikings! 😉

  14. M D
    M D says:

    The very simple answer to the video title question is YES. Absolutely. All crypto could be banned and it could happen in less than 1 hour globally. Nobody would be able to access their wallets (at least not for any practical purpose of moving the coins/tokens), no computers in the blockchain network would be able to communicate any data to one another (which means no verification/confirmations) Yes…100% this is absolutely possible and if you doubt this for even 1 second then you know nothing about how the internet works. Until the day comes that we have a DECENTRALIZED INTERNET we have no control. Very simple facts for everyone to consider:

    1) There are only 12 root DNS servers globally. (not a deal breaker but let's face it 90% of you clowns and myself included don't have all the IP's of the resources we need saved somewhere. We rely on the human readable/easy to remember domain names)

    2) There are only roughly 20 back bone tier 1 internet service providers globally. 7 of which control 99% of all the European and North American data flow.

    3) In the U.S. alone there are only 3 major secondary Tier 2 providers.

    4) There are only 2-4 hubs in the U.S. which allow outside data to come in. It's pretty much the same case for all other countries too.

    Conclusion: If any of these companies wanted to or had political pressure to do so all they would have to do is block all packets with headers that match anything related to crypto. Very easily done with modern routers/firewalls and smart switches. It could literally be done in minutes. If you think you are some sort of smarty pants and you're thinking "I'll just use TOR, TOR will free us all." then I must remind you that only a few hundred TOR nodes exist GLOBALLY and there are very few bridges. Which means very easy to trace/track and the more realistic problem….? slow as fuck. If you think blockchain is slow now just try doing all that shit via TOR.

  15. PG H
    PG H says:

    The war is starting!! HODL!!! We will see real innovation now!!! Backs against the wall how will crypto fight back! We’ll just wait and see

  16. CBD Review UK
    CBD Review UK says:

    how is this even a threat its decentralized there is nothing they can do unless we all sell and crash the market like they want us to do! Idiots just played into there hands..


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