Bitcoin in China: Interview with Bobby Lee (CEO of BTCC)

China is a major player in the cryptocurrency scene, with huge Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin trade volumes. I got to ask the CEO of BTCC, Bobby Lee a few questions about Bitcoin in China, Including:
0:10 How Bobby got into Bitcoin
2:10 Legal Status of Bitcoin
4:10 How are currencies added to BTCC
4:47 Add DASH?
4:54 BTCC vs BTCC China (Chinese Banks?)
6:45 Bitcoin Cash
7:35 ICOs
10:48 Mobi Wallet –


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  1. Boxmining
    Boxmining says:

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  2. Ivor Thomas
    Ivor Thomas says:

    Box, more about that Mobi wallet. I played with it some time agob and correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you can hedge crypto to fiat currencies or even precious metals with it. Wut? I'm sure there are limits because KYC, fees etc. Worth discussing IMO.

  3. Hurty18
    Hurty18 says:

    So china has a law against using other currencies?
    I recently heard, that in China almost everyone is now paying with Alipay or Wechat on their smartphones.
    So when an app comes, like say OmiseGo, that allows to not only digitally pay with Yuan, but also with BTC or their own token OMG, would that be illegal?

  4. Peter Parker
    Peter Parker says:

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  5. Pubbin
    Pubbin says:

    Holy crap Bobby Lee is awesome! He's loaded with all kinds of interesting tidbits of information about crypto trends! Funding NASA especially, now that would be incredible.

  6. Billy Bang Bang
    Billy Bang Bang says:

    Great informative video, keep up the good work, damn good video interview…please give us more videos from Mr. Bobby Lee, this man knows what he talking about on the subject Bitcoin and crypto currencies. He the real deal, because he took the financial risk, and put in the long thankless Lonely hours and hard work on the front lines and in the trenches many years ago to help build and create the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies exchange markets we all enjoy and have today.
    Thank You, Mr. Bobby Lee

  7. antonio hernandez
    antonio hernandez says:

    HEEYY BOXMINING i love your channel Despite not understanding everything you say, I'm from Spain and I have decided to learn English, I know very little but I understand a lot when I read, if you can add subtitles in english it would be a great help for your Spanish speaking followers who are still in the learning stage, I'll thank you for a lifetime if you do, brother.

  8. Kelly Daugherty
    Kelly Daugherty says:

    Once again, thank you for another excellent interview! Your site BY FAR is the best on YOUTUBE. If you ever want to take a look at the U.S. dollar take a look at a predictive article in the 1988 Economist Magazine issue, very interesting. Kelly –

  9. Walt 2D2
    Walt 2D2 says:

    When I first started watching I was like "he's interviewing a super bootleg version of Charlie Lee" …. I didnt realize until I kept watching that it was his brother !! I thought it was pretty funny =)


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