America on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – Will The Government Allow Crypto to Continue?

The American government is talking about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and you should know what they are saying. They have no official position, but they are saying the Dark Web and crime organizations using cryptocurrency is a “Big Problem” for them.


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  2. Jones Augustine
    Jones Augustine says:

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  3. Raplh Friieed
    Raplh Friieed says:

    The Government will always try to stop Crypto, Maybe they will do it with BTC. But as we have a Cryptocurrency DeepOnion then we don't need to worry about a thing. It's a very secure,private&anonymous coin. That is undervalued currently 🙂

  4. Omar Nieves
    Omar Nieves says:

    Hmmm they’re worried about crypto being used for illicit purposes😒. As far back as can remember illicit activities were funded by fiat money wayyyy before bitcoin even existed. Actually most of illicit activity is paid for in dollars today😑

  5. Drain The swamp
    Drain The swamp says:

    Coin base is private what is your point. If the government thought it was a threat then they would deal with it just like smoking a leaf the government has more to worry about and if Bitcoin is there way out of there 150 years of robbing the cookie jar so be it.
    hODL fear no FUD

  6. SunTrib Fashion
    SunTrib Fashion says:

    Game Credit crypto is going to cost more as everyone will play games using these coins. Hold them before its too late.

    $ papers have shit in it as everyone touch it. Digital currency is better. Stupid people only try to stop innovation. But they will be laughed in the future

  7. sergiosergio12345678
    sergiosergio12345678 says:

    When it come to money the USA is very comunist, there is a central plan by the Federal Reserve and no free market is allowed freely. If Trump was not comunist the Federal Reserved would be abolished and banned on grounds of being a violation to the constitution. Freedom is important and there is a well known crack down on personal freedoms under such conditions this is not a constitutional goberment but a highly corrupt one, we need to vote third party a change is needed.we need less laws, more fredoms, less taxes, no wars, and to honor the original constitution the one the founding fathers created. Trump does not belive in free market proof of that is that no attempt to create a free market among all citizens and to abolish the Federal Reserve has been done. To create free market is quite simple give pleople financial freedoms without the need of million dollar permits and the economy will prosper. On a truly free market you have the existance of private property, but if you have to pay taxes to infinity on a property that property is not really yours. Same with money if you have to pay taxes to infinity on money you earned a portion of your money is not yours. Bitcoin changes all that since now you have full control of your money, it can not be stolen, or devalued.

  8. D R
    D R says:

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