6 Signs The Crypto Bear Market Is Ending!

To bring some lights in these dark times, here are 6 signs that I personally see that are pointing in the direction of a bear market coming to an end. I know that things are not in our control, but in the market makers their control, but still I believe these points are clear signs of a bear market’s end.

My own opinion, not financial advice of any kind.

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43 replies
  1. DinoRexGamingHD
    DinoRexGamingHD says:

    If etf does not approved on september 30 and they delay it we just tell the sec to fuck off and that we r suspecting them of manipulating the market and they should stop there bs lies

    NICE DAWG says:

    I ai'nt no Lambo boy ,I have a truck and a car that is paid for ,I have a home that is paid for ..Lambos are for the get rich types that will be broke after it is time to pay for the serving and upkeep of a Lambo

  3. TAA Chang
    TAA Chang says:

    What you said after point 5..
    "im not going to invest anymore I'm already fully invested"
    That may be the reason for a 🐻 and the lambo boys aren't coming back anytime soon

  4. Sahba Zeller
    Sahba Zeller says:

    hodlers don't have ANY effect on the price! when there is only one bitcoin in the orderbooks, and all the other btcs are with people who hodl, if someony buys this one btc for 5k $, then the price of all bitcoins is 5k because it is supply and demand…

  5. Cryptocoin Kiwi
    Cryptocoin Kiwi says:

    The biggest sign is that even crypto youtubers are capitulating. Some have stopped altogether, others have FOMOesque titles.

    Only a few such as Crypto lark, crypto zombie and yourself remain positive.

  6. VeganeBanane
    VeganeBanane says:

    Hey Quinten, why are you not converting your BTC into projects like wan,zil etc? you said you are already invested and have no fiat left but you can still convert some BTC into these projects you mentioned?
    Thank you

  7. Shape-Shifter
    Shape-Shifter says:

    I am afraid that the bear market is not going to end soon…look at the chart of 2014!the chart of 2018 looks excactly the same. We going to get 3 more bottoms that are way lower than the 3 bottoms that we have reached already….

  8. Oliver Badura
    Oliver Badura says:

    quinten u give me the power to stay positive in the bad times ^^ ur my fav. crypto youtuber and i like the way u talk and think! everytime if a new vid come out im so happy xd greetings from germany

  9. Erik
    Erik says:

    Yeah so I´m on of truly holders. I try also to see this all market more from the distance. It´s almost never from zero to hero in my eys nothing is for free and this situation just shows me that if we wanna big money we have to do a lot of research and strong mind. I wanna be here minimum for 5 yeas I´m not trader so I can only accumulate but personally I think 5-10 years will be much bigger the market the only think is which project will survive that we can buy now 🙂 what o you think
    And sorry for my english its my third lg

  10. Arno Eindhoven
    Arno Eindhoven says:

    Respect to all the cryptosiasts who are still in the game. It's a good thing that the "when moon, when lambo" guys/girls are washed out. Hopefully they stay out as well. Blockchain tech and Cryptocurrencies market is maturing!
    This market has undergone its necessary cleansing. Bullish signals are everywhere around us. Mainstream adoption is around the corner and we're ready for it!

  11. Michał Z.
    Michał Z. says:

    The blockchain technology and Bitcoin have been developed to fight with unfair, uncompetitive and too hierarchical tradicional financial system. The main strategical advantage of that old system over common people is its vast supply of money. Should we measure success oin blockchain sphere by using "their" main "weapon" – money? Shouldn't we care more about aspects of decentralization, privacy, censorship resistence and ability to change people's lives?

  12. Naveen Chaudhary
    Naveen Chaudhary says:

    Bro u are not convinced enough to buy wanchain Zilliqa from ur own money due to market risk at current lowest price but encouraging people to buy shitcoins like Syncfab or Boscoin .. How ridiculous man

  13. Nick
    Nick says:

    Honestly, if the ETF decision gets delayed by 40 days that would show how ridiculous the SEC is. Then they'd just be delaying it to manipulate the market. Really curious on their decision at the moment. Glad to hear you're hodling strong btw :p we needed to have a hard stomach these last months


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