China proposes to ban crypto mining, let’s discuss what’s real and what’s FUD because there are a lot of rumors that are completely false but this is not something to be ignored either. In other news, Zuckerberg is making moves and tries to attract 1 billion in funding for Facebook coin. Tune in!

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Good Morning Crypto

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


44 replies
  1. Neil Simon
    Neil Simon says:

    Anyone calling this man an idiot is a disgrace. Ivan is one of the brightest crypto YouTubers in the game. Hands down. Keep bringing the knowledge daily Ivan. Cheers from nyc!

  2. David
    David says:

    hey bro, im curious about that doc
    went to search a little bit and found it. U can use trnslators… Not the best thing..
    but u will get a bigger idea of the tirani

  3. DavyCrockett888
    DavyCrockett888 says:

    I worry about the reports of voter collusion in EOS – is mixing tons of money and voting a smart thing? Some people say all the problems in US politics stem from mixing money and politics. But how do you stop that, its almost impossible!

  4. Daniele Sbordone
    Daniele Sbordone says:

    I think the crypto projects that we all know better get their butts moving because Facebook isn't going to waste any time. Right now , cryptos are living mostly on hype and artificial manipulation.

  5. Egon Cassiverra
    Egon Cassiverra says:

    😁😆 those guys calling u idiot, must be terrible idiots to do that, Ivan 🤣😂😆 it's just hard to believe such morons exist, Ivan.. .. totally disrespectful imbeciles 😎 as if they were doing u any favor by hanging at ur channel 🤣😂😆

  6. Josh Evey
    Josh Evey says:

    Bitcoin isn’t decentralized most bitcoin miners are from China. So if they ban it bitcoin will shit. My opinion it’s all manipulation simply because they don’t want the crypto market to go up yet. Once that happens the stock market will crash. In my opinion US government is manipulating creating false news like China ban and so on

  7. Stephen Arias
    Stephen Arias says:

    Hi Ivan sorry about some folks in your audience sending disrespectful messages to you. They are just envious of you and your knowledge. As usual, keep up the great work!! And yes, SMASHED the likes😎

  8. Investry
    Investry says:

    Intereting Ivan….in your quick encapsulation of Charles Hoskinson interview the only thing you mention is his slighting EOS. You seem to find ways to put down EOS.

  9. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Thanks Ivan,
    Excellent content. I will have to go back and see if you did a video explaining the differences between centralized and decentralized coins and or tokens. My understanding is there are many different ways a coin can be centralized either by permitting the hash power to be influenced by a small group or a majority of holdings be in the control of a few individuals, coding control etc. I personally would enjoy an episode informing myself and others of the nuances of how a decentralized project can fall under the control of a few bad actors or if one is structured in the beginning to be centralized. If I am incorrect in my assertions then please feel free to correct me as I want to learn. Always welcome comments from the group as many of your followers are far more educated and knowledgeable in this area than myself.

  10. Gilian
    Gilian says:

    Price suddenly spikes to over $5000 for no real reason (one person buying a lot?), then futures trading spikes massively and now once again China FUD. This just screams manipulation and my gut says the price will drop once more. I don't trust this hype about a coming bull run.

  11. Sam Smith
    Sam Smith says:

    "Believe me, I am a developer. Everyone would accept a job from Google… believe this." Ivan says confidently as he adjusts his YouTube silver play button…making sure it's in frame just right….making sure you know…Ivan technically works for Google!!! 😁👏

  12. IHeartCryptoverse
    IHeartCryptoverse says:

    If you are a foreigner in China you will always lose when you are sued or accused by a Chinese national of breaking the law. They are intensely Nationalistic. If you are Chinese, you can get away with many things if you have powerful friends and bribe the right people. It is very complex when it comes to being lawless there. Even if there are people in Govt there trying to act tough with the laws in hopes of getting kick backs by the miners and have that extra cost be transferred to BTC buyers, there is not much we can do about it.

  13. R James
    R James says:

    Now that the ‘hash wars’ are over hopefully we're heading back to pre ‘hash- war’ levels of BTC $6K and ŁTC $100+" – Possible mining restrictions in China could also increase mining costs and hence the price of Bitcoin!


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